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"If you're like me, you probably can't stand hard water. It's a plague here in Northern California, and especially in parts of Santa Cruz County..."

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Salt Free Water Conditioning Alternatives by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department: Aqua Gensis Co. distributor of Scalewatcher systems

Salt Free Water Conditioning Alternatives by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department: Scalewatcher Manufacturer

Salt Free Water Conditioning Alternatives by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department: Small Wonder distributed by Aqua Gensis Co.

Scalewatcher Reviews at Los Angeles Sanitation Department

Distribution of Scalewatcher environmentally friendly Hard Water Treatment technology in Linkedin

According to the LACSD, Scalewatcher is one of six salt-free water conditioning products, that have been rated five stars by residents

Article about contamination in drinking water


Aqua Genesis Co. in twitter

Aqua Genesis links at Topsy, search engine by Tweets evaluation by Websiteoutlook

Example of Yahoo answer by threatened salt softener business

Aqua Genesis Co. in the Business Universe


Scalewatcher Brochure


Other Reputable Providers of Water Treatment

- Electronic Descaler Links
Links to quality electronic hard water conditioners all over the world.

- Small Wonder
Hard water treatment.

- Salt Free Water Conditioner
Hard water treatment.

- Easy Water Softener
Easy Water Softener Alternative

- No más agua dura
Tratamiento del agua dura


Suppliers and Manufacturers

- Scalewatcher North America Inc
Electronic scale prevention

- General Electric Inc.
MERLIN Reverse Osmosis Systems

- Watts Water Technologies
Reverse Osmosis Systems

- Topway Global Inc.
Reverse Osmosis Systems

- Water Testing
Water treatment books on boiler water treatment, cooling water systems, industrial water treatment, speciality chemicals & other water technologies.

Environmental Protection Related Web Sites

- Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

- Monterey County Water Resources Agency

- Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency

- US Green Building Council

- EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water

- Environmental Protection Agency (Home Page)

- California Department of Water Resources

- California Water Resources Control Board

- Universities Council on Water Resources

- Sacramento County Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC)

- IONS, Institute Of Noetic Sciences

- Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine

- Water Technology Online Magazine