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"Since Scalewatcher is installed I have no more hard scale in my bathroom and kitchen and the water feels softer." - A.S. Phoenix, AZ

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Small Wonder also called Scalewatcher mini , similar to Scalewatcher nano - Price: $234.90 

Small Wonder no salt descaler also called Scalewatcher mini


Applications: Residential, indoor use.
Cold water main up to 1" or hot water recirculating line up to 1".
Water Hardness: 1 to 50 gpg. Pipe Size: 1/2" to 1".
Three year extended warranty. For water over 20 grains we recommend the 3 star model with twice the power and ten year warranty included.


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Free Shipping

The Small Wonder no-salt conditioner will extend the life of your hot water heater and appliances, saving up to 40% of your water heating bill while helping reduce global warmings.
When we started marketing the ScaleWatcher we found that many of the copy cats which came out when our patent expired were selling for under $200. Our response to that was to take advantage of the miniaturization of electronics and the low cost manufacturing in China: the ScaleWatcher mini or Small Wonder was born.

Later on the manufacturer created the Scalewater Nano with identical electronics, only the shape of the enclosure is different. These units (Mini, Nano, Small Wonder, etc.) have the same power output as the old Scalewatcher 3 star model sold in USA, and the same power as the current European Scalewatchert 3 star, ScaleWatcher nano, ScalRID 2000, Hardness Master. The performance of this model proved to be so remarkable that it was also named “Small Wonder” because it is a wonder that something so small can bring such amazing results.

At $154.95 with a three year warranty and an outstanding quality which never fails, the Small Wonder is a great buy.

Product Features

  • Removes scale build up in hot water heaters, saving energy costs.
  • Gives soft water feel without salt or cartridges to replace.
  • Works on all types of pipes (PVC, Pex, Copper, galvanized, flex pipe, rubber hose, etc.).
  • 6 month Satisfaction Guarantee, 3 year product warranty.
  • Free Shipping.

A Note About Prices:
You can get our low price of $154.95 ordering by PayPal or even calling toll free.

Small Wonder/Scalewatcher Mini no salt descaler

Scalewatcher mini no salt descaler


Small Wonder/Scalewatcher Mini no salt descaler



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