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"I just wanted to let you know how much we love your 3 STAR product. Within 48 hours we started seeing huge results. ... my ice maker will love you forever..." - B.R., Elko, NV

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Scalewatcher 5 Star - Regular Price: $1029  -  Sale $925 
Scalewatcher 5 Star - Weatherproof

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Applications: Residential, outdoor use. Cold water main up to 1 1/2" and hot water recirculation line if any. Swimmingpools and spas recirculation line up to 2" PVC; homes with tankless water heaters or hot water tanks.
Water Hardness: 1 to 100 gpg. Pipe Size: 1/2" to  1 1/2"
Ten year extended warranty and one year money back included.


Buy your ScaleWatcher 5 Star online and receive a free stylus pen!


If the ScaleWatcher 3 star is the Cadillac, the ScaleWatcher 5 star model is the Rolls Royce of the electronic descalers.

With the highest power of the residential units and with an enclosure which stands out by its beautiful lines and high quality finish, it is able to withstand rain and sun, although many of our customers who appreciate quality buy the Scalewatcher 5 star model even if they will install it indoors.

It has the power converter inside the unit which obviates the complications of having a separate converter as found in other models. Our ScaleWatcher 5 star compares with the EasyWater 3500 which retails for about $2,000. Priced at $1029 including a ten year extended warranty, the 5 star is not cheap, but then again neither is a Rolls Royce.

For those customers who value quality and beauty the 5 star is the model of choice.

Product Features

  • Weatherproof
  • Removes scale build up in hot water heaters, saving energy costs.
  • Gives soft water feel without salt or cartridges to replace.
  • Works on all types of pipes (PVC, Pex, Copper, galvanized, flex pipe, rubber hose, etc.).
  • 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee, 10 year product warranty.
  • Free Shipping.

A Note About Prices:
Our low online prices are the same if you order by phone.

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