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"I just wanted to let you know we LOVE our Scalewatcher.  It is the best!  If you have anyone interested and want to use us as a customer reference, please do so…" - JC, Kalamazoo, MI

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Scalewatcher can save an average household $500 per year or over $10000 in a twenty year period

Savings over a twenty year period when Scalewatcher is installed in a residential application.

Water heater energy savings:

Average cost of water heating is $60 per month at 0.16 $ per kW/h
In a hard scale area the energy savings can be as much as 40 % when scale layers are prevented or removed. This represents a saving of $288 annually.
One time cost of Scalewatcher 3 Star: $549.
Operating cost of Scalewatcher $8 per year.
Over a 20 year period this gives a saving of (288 x 20)-(8x20) = $5600 on the average energy bill for water heating.
If one chooses to install a Scalewatcher instead of a salt using water softener the savings will increase dramatically.
For an average house the salt cost will be around $150 per year. This represents savings of $3000 over a twenty year period.
Total saving when Scalewatcher is installed instead of a water softener over 20 years.

$5600 savings on energy
$3000 savings on salt
$850 salt softener installed
$1600 replacement of water heater twice over a period of 20 years

Total savings: $11050 over twenty years.

One time cost of Scalewatcher: $549 lasting more than twenty years.
$11050 - $549 = $10501 savings over twenty years.
$10501 divided by 20 = $525 annual savings