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"Since Scalewatcher is installed I have no more hard scale in my bathroom and kitchen and the water feels softer." - A.S. Phoenix, AZ

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Fillmore to buy back water softeners

(8/27/2008) -- The Fillmore City Council approved a water softener buy-back program Tuesday to encourage owners of brine-discharging softeners to relinquish their devices.

Fillmore's water softeners OK'd for buyback program

(4/12/2008) -- The city of Fillmore has approved funds to jump-start a public outreach campaign and buyback program for water softeners in order to stave off state fines for the pollutants they produce.

Softener Ban May Be Going Before Voters, Farmers Clain Chlorides Damage Strawberry Crops

(9/17/2007) SANTA CLARITA -- Water softeners working away in Santa Clarita garages are threatening strawberry fields some 40 miles away, where the crops draw well water from a riverbed running from the suburbs through the farmland.

Getting rid of mineral scale

(2/1/2008) -- From Volume 31, Issue 2, A number of methods are available, and new ones are on the horizon.

Tremendous Water Savings Now Possible for Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers

(1/2/2007) Oxford, PA (PRWEB) -- A 500 tons cooling tower in North Carolina was using 4587900 gallons annually. The water was chemically treated to prevent scaling.