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"If you're like me, you probably can't stand hard water. It's a plague here in Northern California, and especially in parts of Santa Cruz County..."

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Study confirms scalewatcher can control mussel settlement

(10/1/2001) -- A study undertaken by Aquatic Sciences Inc. has demonstrated that under test conditions, the Scalewatcher Electronic System can successfully control the settlement of zebra mussels in pipelines.

Scalewatcher Puts The Squeeze On Scale In Cooling 

(2/19/2001) SweetRipe Drinks expects to save around $7,000 per annum on chemicals and maintenance alone. In addition, the company has noted improved equipment performance, reduced operating costs, and anticipates an increased life expectancy for its heat exchanger.

Is Softener Causing Trouble In Septic Tank?

(DATE) -- Water softener regeneration process causes problems with septic fields.


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Electronic Descaling Technology

(Date) -- A review of the origin of scale, the technology behind Scalewatcher, and signs to watch for after installation.

Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner: magic or science?

Modern electronic hard water treatment systems like those marketed under the trademarks Scalewatcher® and EasyWater® have been called magical or miraculous; yet, their amazing results can be explained by basic physical and chemical principles.