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"Since Scalewatcher is installed I have no more hard scale in my bathroom and kitchen and the water feels softer." - A.S. Phoenix, AZ

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The Mystery of Electronic Water Treatment Unveiled By Jan De Baat Doelman, President of Scalewatcher North America Inc.

(11/25/2005) Oxford, PA (PRWEB) -- The Scalewatcher is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical and mechanical descaling. As 40% more energy is needed to heat water in a system fouled with scale, Scalewatcher also helps to reduce energy costs. Launched in the 1980’s it has successfully treated hard water problems for industrial manufacturers as well as water companies, oil producers, farmers, horticulturists, shipping companies, shopping centres, school, universities and government establishments.

Fillmore council vote bans water softeners

(5/5/2004) -- Installation of water softeners banned in City of Fillmore, CA.

Controversial California water softening bill signed into law

(1/1/2003) SACRAMENTO, CA -- California Governor signed a law authorizing local agencies to regulate the use and availability of self-regenerative water softening appliances that discharge salt to the community sewer system.

(3/27/2003) -- An ordinance took effect that prohibits the installation or assisting in the installation of automatic water softeners in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Industrial Fouling

(11/1/2002) -- Controlling Scale Deposition: Look at the heating element of a washing machine or dishwasher in a hard water area and you will see a white encrustation containing hardness salts. This commonly is referred to as limescale and is an example of domestic fouling.