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How ScaleWatcher salt free water conditioner works

ScaleWatcher Electronic Water Conditioner

ScaleWatcher electronic water conditioner, the easy water treatment solution.

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION - US Patent No 5,074,998 - Canadian Patent No 1337060- European Patent No. 0357102

Roll your mouse over the "Before & After" buttons to
see an endoscopic view of the interior of the pipe before and after Scalewatcher electronic hard water treatment.

Before hard water treatment

How ScaleWatcher works

After hard water treatment

Microscopic pictures of calcium before and after electronic conditioning. Magnification X1500 (courtesy of the University of Portsmouth)

The system consists of the energizing unit and a coil which is wrapped around the pipe of the incoming water supply.

The Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner treats the hard water with a patented technology by inducing variable electric fields with a continuously changing frequency. This forces the dissolved minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium to crystallize and remain in suspension in the water instead of adhering to walls of piping, faucets or heating elements of water heaters. The hard minerals now in suspension flow with the water and are discharged through the drain thus resolving your hard water problems.

This action stops any build up of hard scale. The capability of the water to dissolve minerals is also increased and this is the reason why hard scale layers will be softened, will slowly enter into the water stream, and will disappear down the drain. This effect will clean up all your piping, water heating element, including showerheads and faucets.

The now unsaturated water will dissolve existing scale and remove it from the water system. Even deposits on the outside of the water system, such as around faucets and bathroom fixtures, will soften with regular contact with the treated water resulting in easier cleaning without the use of chemicals.

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Hard Water Treated

Hard Water Treated

Hard Water Untreated

Hard Water Untreated

Microscopic pictures of calcium before and after electronic conditioning. Magnification X1500
(courtesy of the University of Portsmouth)

WARNING: Scalewatcher™ no salt softener is the only patented electronic hard water treatment of its kind. Other brands not manufactured or authorized by Scalewatcher North America Inc. are unauthorized copies and we do not recommend them. When in doubt, ask to see their patent. We have patents worldwide.