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Great Tahoe Springs 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System


plus $47.25 S&H

Superior five stage RO system, high quality, performance guaranteed, REMOVES 92 TO 97% OF IMPURITIES. RO systems are always installed under the kitchen sink and the water is used only for drinking and cooking.

Model: Great Tahoe Springs GTS-550 or ERO-550 Low Pressure RO System

• Faucet for sink top, tubing, all included.
• Operating pressure 45~70 psi
• 5 stage reverse osmosis process.
• Pressure Regulator recommend for pressure over 70 psi.
• 50 GPD thin film membrane
• Shipping weight: 27 Lbs.
• 5 stage assembly dimensions: 15" x 15" x 6"
• Tank dimensions: 14" x 9"
• Shipping dimensions: 19" x 18" x 18".
• Each unit is 100% water tested.
• New John Guest fittings secure connections.
• 1 year limited warranty.

Note: These days you can buy a good RO system at your local big box store for under $250. We still offer our RO system as a convenience to our loyal customers.
Reverse Osmosis

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Why do you need to purify your drinking water?click here: WATER CONTAMINATION - - TYPES OF WATER

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Replacement Parts for GTS-550 or ERO-550:

We no longer offer replacement filters. Please buy them at your local hardware store or Home Depot as they are standard and easy to find.