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 Industrial Services

For industrial water treatment we recommend the chemical-free Scalewatcher™ Industrial series with proven performance in:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Steam Boilers

Our chemical-free, electromagnetic technology combines engineering and science to treat water and improve the operational performance of the systems to which it is applied. 

Benefits of the chemical-free Scalewatcher System:

    • Prevents and eliminates scale
    • Prevents corrosion
    • Controls bacteria, algae and biofilmMINERAL SCALING:
          Scalewatcher is able to prevent scaling and to remove existing layers without chemicals. There are numerous examples in Industry with successful applications. Launching the product in 1991 initiated Universities to research this phenomenon which was at the time not really understood . Now the technology is widely accepted. Thanks to managers of companies in Industry who in the early days, were not afraid being laughed at while evaluating the performance of Scalewatcher in the field.

          Physical water treatment has pushed back the use of chemicals, and will continue to do so.

          A valuable side effect of the Scalewatcher action on iron pipes with oxygen containing water is that as alkalinity increases, a natural anticorrosive effect is achieved. Rust is removed and replaced by a very thin black protective layer, called Magnetite.

          There are chemicals creating the same effect; Scalewatcher does it in a natural way using harmless magnetic and electric fields, without the burden of recurring costs and without polluting the environment.

          Another important benefit is the fact that biofilm will be dramatically reduced due to the cleaning effect of Scalewatcher. The breading ground of bacterial disappears, so will the bacterial. This effect is noticeable in cooling towers as well as in swimming pools. A cooling tower can run without chemicals to inhibit scale, corrosion and the growth of biofilm, when using Scalewatcher.

          Blow down of steam boilers or cooling towers are examples of high water use and disposal. As most of this equipment uses automatic blow down based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is easily seen why water can be saved. With Scalewatcher, higher conductivity levels can be used, thereby reducing the number of blow downs or cycles of concentration. Savings of 70 to 80 % in water usage is possible. The total savings on water usage, cost of water disposal and cost of chemicals gives an extremely quick return on a one time investment.

          Microbial contamination of cooling towers creates undesirable odors and potential health problems including Legionella contamination. Microbes also contribute to the corrosion of metal parts, through Microbial Induced Corrosion, or MIC, and clog constricted areas of the water system, compromising heat transfer and wasting energy.

Industrial Services


Industrial Models


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Scalewatcher Weatherproof IE2

Scalewatcher Weatherproof IE2 Industrial Economic for 2" Pipe

Scalewatcher Weatherproof IE4

Scalewatcher Weatherproof IE4 Industrial Economic for 4" Pipe

Scalewatcher Weatherproof IE2

Scalewatcher Weatherproof I82 Industrial Economic for 8" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial SE4

Scalewatcher Industrial SE4 for 4" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial SE8

Scalewatcher Industrial SE8 for 8" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial LE12

Scalewatcher Industrial LE12 for 12" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial LE16

Scalewatcher Industrial LE16 for 16" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME24

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME24 Heavy Industrial system for 24" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME40

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME40 Heavy Industrial system for 40" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME65


Scalewatcher Industrial HIME65 Heavy Industrial system for 65" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME80

Scalewatcher Industrial HIME80 Heavy Industrial system for for 80" Pipe

Scalewatcher Industrial Enclosure

Scalewatcher Industrial Enclosure - Optional Industrial Item #HIPE

Scalewatcher Industrial Enclosure

Scalewatcher Industrial Enclosure - Optional Industrial Item #EXX

Scalewatcher Industrial Beacon

Scalewatcher Industrial Beacon - Optional Industrial Item #INWBS



Included in the price of the Scalewatcher Industrial System, we provide up to eight TECHNICAL SUPERVISION SERVICE visits

Each technical supervision visit includes at least twelve chemical analysis as follows:

Test recirculating water and make-up water for

Total Alkalinity
Total Dissolved Solids

Inspect and clean the conductivity probes. We verify correct setting and functioning of the conductivity controller and adjust values to obtain the maximum cycles of concentration for maximized water savings.

Inspect and verify proper condition and functioning of solenoid valves.

We provide periodic reports with the information collected and actions taken.

Periodically we obtain and send samples to our lab for bacteriological analysis, providing bacteria count in Scalewatcher treated water.

Additional ongoing technical supervision visits are available at a moderate cost.

By safely increasing the cycles of concentration, our technology saves millions of gallons of water otherwise wasted in excessive bleeding of the recirculating water.

Aqua Genesis Steam Boiler --


Warm, mineral-laden water provides an ideal environment for corrosion and scale deposition. Formation of mineral scale (principally calcium and magnesium compounds) diminishes heat transfer efficiency, increases fuel consumption, and plugs up constricted areas of the water system such as heat exchanger channels, valves, pumps, and pipes


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